Building  Furniture

        Techniques and Tutorials

Please note the date of builds as techniques change over time



     Breadbaord Ends

     Preparing a Board without a Thicknesser

     Sliding Dovetails by Hand

     Through Dovetails

     Half-blind Dovetails

     Mitred Through Dovetails

     Dado/housing joint by hand

     Power Removing Waste from Half Blind Sockets

     Making a Frame-and-Panel Door   by Sean Hught

     A Primer for Mortice-and-Tenon Joints.  Part 1: The Blind Joint

                                                                                                       Part 2 : Drawboring

                                                                                                       Morticing with Chisels II 

     A Little Fun with Dovetails

      Peening Dovetails in Wood     

     A Thicknessing Technique

        The #140 Trick is Dead 

     Setting Blades in (Adjusterless) Planes

     Panel Glue Up Without Clamps

     Using Auger Bits in Hard Wood  




        Coopered Box Lid

     Chef Knives and a Knife Block 

        Building a Mitred Pencil Box with a Shooting Board 

        Making a Wooden Hinge


     A Chest of Drawers for Jamie (2005)


     A Pair of End Tables (2007)


     Armoire Project (2010)

            Part One: The Carcase 

            Part Two: A New Angle on Scratch Stock - creating beads

            Part Three: Using Rebate Planes  

            Part Four: Building A Raised Panel Door

                        Building the frame  

                     Raising a panel with the Veritas Skew Rabbet Plane 

                          Part Five:  Hinge Morticing

                          Part Six:  Attaching the Face Frame

                           Part Seven:  Hats Off to the Pros

                           Part Eight:  Drawer Design and Drawer Bottoms

                            Part Nine:  Building the Drawer

                            Part Ten:   Completion of the Project

          A Shaker Table for Mother's Day   (2010)


          Sideboard-Entertainment Centre ...... "The Coopered End Table"  (2011)

              Part One: Coopered doors  

                        Part Two: Curving and grooving the frame  

                        Part Three:  Building the Frame   

                        Part Four:  A Completed Door 

                        Part Five:   And Now For Something Completely Different!   

                        Part Six:   London-style Half-blind Dovetailed Drawer   

                        Part Seven:  Nearing the Last Lap   

                        Part Eight:  The Final Piece

                         Part Nine:   Critique and Modification

            Part Ten:   The End. Finis. Absolutely Done!  


           Entertainment Centre based on Military (Campaign) Chests (2011)

            The Start  

            Some Days I  Should Stay in Bed!  

            Glueing Up  


            Bun Feet  

            It's Just Not Cricket!  

            First Stages in Building Drawers   

            Half Blind Dovetails in Jarrah (with blue tape)  

            The Last Dovetail   

            Fitting Handles  

            The Completed Chests 


         Kist  (blanket chest)  (2013)


         Building Hans Wegner's "The Chair"  (2014)


            Building The Legs






            Fitting the Front and Rear Stretchers (Part 1)

            Sawing Tenon Shoulders on the Curve

            Fitting the Front and Rear Stretchers (Part 2)

            Slotting the Stretchers (Pt 1 - How would you do this?) 

            Slotting the Stretchers (Pt 2)

            End of Phase One

            Initial Steps for the Arms and Backrest 

            The Arm-Backrest Joint (Pt 1)

            The Arm-Backrest Joint (Pt 2) 

            Close But No Coconut  

            A Glimmer of Light 

            The Fingers (Part 1) 

            The Fingers (Part 2)

            Towards the Round   

            Shaping the Arms and Back (Part 1) 

            Shaping the Arms and Back (Part 2) 

            Weaving the Seat and Completing The Chair

            Post Script 


         Lingerie Chest  (2016)

            The Basic Design

            The Panels

            The Legs

            Shaping the Cove

            Sawing A Tenon 

            Coved Frame-and-Panel 

            One Step Back 

            Back on Track

            Dent Removal 

            Preparing for the Drawer Blades 

            Moving Forward  

            Sliding Dovetails 

            The Proof of the Pudding ...

            Starting on the Drawer Runners  

            Mortice and Tenons 

            A Stage Completed   

            Designing the Drawers  

            Half Blind Dovetails with Blue Tape 

            Building the Drawers

            Four Down and Four To Go 

            Through Dovetails

            All The Drawers Are Done 

            Finishing the Drawers  

            Finishing the Carcase 

            Fitting the Lid Hinges

            Top of The World to You!  

            The Brass Stay 

            The Devil Lies in the Details (final) 

            Post Script

            Post Script II  


       Kitchen Rebuild  (2017)

            Building Shaker Cabinet Doors, and hand-finishing water-based poly

            The Kitchen is Finished!    


       Sofa Table (2017)

            Sofa Table - Legs 

            Sofa Table - End Rails

            Sofa Table - The Bevel Lies in the Details

            Sofa Table - The Secret Drawer  

            Sofa Table - All The Way To Completion



       Apothecary Chest  (2018)

            The Carcase  

            Stopped Dados  

            More Stopped Dados

            Stopped Rebates and Drawer Blades 

            Better Stopped Dados  

            Installing Drawer Blades  

            Machining Drawer Sides

            A Start on the Drawers

            Dovetailing on an angle

            Beginning the drawers

            Video update

            Shaping the Drawer Fronts - part 1

            Shaping the Drawer Fronts - part 2

                        Through Dovetails (end of drawers)

            The Drawers Are Done!

            Shiplapping the Back

            New Knobs



        Coffee table for Jamie   (2018)


        Coffee Table for my nephew  (2019)


            Mitred Through Dovetails 

            The Drawer Case 

            Assembling the Carcase 

            Rounding the Ends 

            Building the Base 

            Finishing the Base 

            Planning and Building a Drawer 



         Harlequin Side Table   (2019)

            The Central Drawer Blade 

            Fine Dados/Housings

            Rounding the Dovetails 

            The Legs

            Installing the Dividers 

            Preparing the drawers 

            Drawer Bottoms into Slips 

            Making Drawer Pulls 

            Final Pictures 


         Entry Hall Table for my niece (2020)

            Preparing and dimensioning Stock 

            Start of mitred dovetailed casework

            Fine tuning of through mitre dovetails and completion of case

            Front bevels and rear rebates 

            Drawer dividers and dados

            Tuning, re-doing and glueing

            Drilling leg mortices for tapered sliding bases

            Tapered sliding base socket 

            Attaching the legs

            Getting screwed

            Preparing for the drawers

            Half-blind lipped drawer fronts


            Drawer bottoms and drawer pulls

            Final Photos

         Transformations  (2020)  


             Drawer case design  

             Fitting the drawer case and building the drawer 

          Three-cornered Stool (2020)  

             Building the stool   


           Underbench Cabinet: a drawer design and making opus  (2020/1)

              Design and case construction  

              Ripping with the slider   

              The Rebate   

              Dados for drawer blades

              Gluing Up 

              Adding colour


              Preparing for the drawer dividers

              Drawer Dividers, part two 

              Blind Sliding Dovetail 

              Progress Shots 

              Before the Drawers 

              Drawer parts before dovetailing the drawers 

              Dovetailing for Blood! 

              Dovetailing for Blood! ... part 2 

              Dovetailing for Blood! ... part 3 

              Drawer Bottoms and Slips 

              Completion of Cabinet  

                  What Lies Behind Drawer #1  

                  Vision Revisited   

                  Drawer #2 - The Skeleton Drawer  

                  Drawers #3 and #4  

                  Drawers #5, 6 and 7  

             Not Really Furniture - rebuilding Thorens TD150 turntable  (2021) 


             Beds and Bedhead  (2022)

                    Power and Hand Together:  Nightstands    (2023)

                                     1.  Mitred Cases   

                    2.  Mitred Joints - Opening Pandora's Box 

                    3.  The Little Drawer 

                    4.  Preparing the Drawer Parts   

                    5.  Bow Front Drawers (part 1) 

                    6.  Bow Front Drawers (part 2) 

                    7.  Pardon, But Your Slip Is Showing 

                    8.  Preparations for the Base 

                    9.  Legs and Aprons 

                    10. It's Beginning to Look Like a Nightstand!

                    11. The Power of the Press

                    12. Skyhook

                    13. Fiddling all the way to The End

                     Dining Carver Chairs  (2024)

                    1. The design and its development   NEW

                                     2Design Details    NEW

                    3. Shaping the Seat and Tenons   NEW

                    4..Shaping the Underside of the Seats  NEW

                    5. New Legs   NEW

                    6. Completing the Legs   NEW

                    7.  Completing the Seats   NEW

                    8.  Gluing up the Legs   NEW

                    9.  Beginning the Arms   NEW

                   10. More on the Arm Jigsaw   NEW

                   11. Arms - Part l   NEW

                   12. Arms - Part ll   NEW



    A few images of past furniture builds