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Karl Holtey

Philip Marcou

Ron Brese

HNT Gordon

Clark & Williams

Blum Tool Company

Lie Nielsen

Lee Valley

Anderson Planes

Bill Carter

Philly Planes


Hock Tools Custom blades

Jim Reed Custom blades

ToolBazaar Vintage replacements

Lee Valley A2 blades for Stanley, Hock blades for Krenov style planes

Lie-Nielsen Replacement blades for Stanley

Galoot Tools Hand-made laminated blades for Stanley and woodies

Paul Williams - Academy Saws HSS blades for Stanley


Wenzloff & Sons

Lie-Nielsen Saws

Adria Tools

Norse Woodsmith

Medallion Toolworks

Gramercy Tools Dovetail Saw

Tim Hoffman

Vintage tool sellers

Hans Brunner

The Tool Exchange

George’s Basement braces and bits

Rose Antiques

The Old Tool Store

Ray Iles

The ToolBox

Tony Murland

Sydnas Sloot


Colen Clenton Squares, marking gauges

Chris Vesper Marking knives, marking gauges

Blue Spruce Tool Works Marking knives, chisels

Chester Tool Works Marking knives, plane setting hammer, bowsaws