Powered Tools

      and Machinery

Workshop Machinery.jpgWorkshop machinery

In this section are the power tools and machines that I use in my workshop, with the modifications I have made over the years, along with the techniques which I hope others will find helpful in setting up their workshop.

For nearly two decades I have written about handtools and demonstrated their use in building furniture. It may come as a surprise to some that I even own power tools and machines!  The fact is that I have used power tools for many years longer, although it has only been the past decade that has seen their gradual increase along with an upgrading to better quality machines. I recognise the value in these tools, and take pride in using them in the same manner as I take pride in my hand skills.

Power tools are the main way I convert rough sawn timber into useable boards. This includes jointing, thicknessing/planing, re-sawing, rough shaping ... all the donkey work that prepares the way for the finessing with hand tools. I've always believed that the dedicated furniture maker needs  to develop  skills  with a wide range of tools. There is a place for both power and hand tools, and tasks which may be done better by one than the other.

Noise levels in my workshop 

Sharpening Bandsaw Blades 

Hammer N4400 Bandsaw mods

   Dust Control (will work for other bandsaws) 

   A Re-sawing Fence for the Bandsaw

   Wixey DRO for the Bandsaw 


Hammer K3 Sliding Tablesaw mods

     Off-Switch Paddle 

   Mitre Fixture  

   Cross-cut Fence Zero Clearance 

   Parallel Guide

   Parallel Guide (Mk3)   NEW

   Crosscut Fence Micro Adjust

    Zero Clearance Insert (ZCI)

    JessEm Clear-Cut Precision Stock Guides


Building a Drill Press Table   

Router Table Adventure  

     No Mitre Gauge Track !  

Multi Function Table (MFT)

     Routing the dog holes   

     Making a rail hinge in plastic  

             Rail Hinge and Fence (Mk2) in aluminium    NEW

     Sliding Dovetail Insert 

     The Extension Table    

     Why did I do this?