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A Stand for my Jet Mini Lathe

I built this stand for my Jet Mini shortly after the woodshop rebuild near the end of 2008. My shop is a double garage, and this was gutted when we added a second story (which became my new consulting rooms). And so I begin again.

I managed to salvage a couple of rough sawn 12”x4” Pine roof beams.

At this stage most of my tools were still in storage. I did have a Stanley #5 1/2 (with a cambered blade), and this was used to flatten the beam.

A Mujingfang woodie was used to smooth the top and sides …

The end product – Jet Mini with bed extension …

A few details of the joinery ..

Nothing special ... but it is solid and there is no racking at all ...

I added adjustable feet at the concrete floor is not perfectly flat.

The workshop is still looking a little bare, but it is starting to take shape ..

Regards from Perth


November 2008