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Adjustable Sticking Board

I was able to find a little more time for work on the lap desk. It is a while since I have made really small drawers, and I forgot to add the grooves beforehand. This left me with a few dinky pieces (each is only 1 1/2" wide). How do you plane a groove on work this small? 

The base of the drawer requires a groove that is 1/8" wide ...

I realised that I could not put it off any longer - a sticking board was needed. However I chose to build one that has an adjustable fence. This would enable all boards to be placed against the side of the bench to use the fence on ploughs, rebate planes, etc.

The fence is also reversible, with low- and high sides. The low side is needed to avoid the arms of the LV Small Plow plane. 

There are several stops. These need to be aligned and the screw tops ground to sharpen the edges.

Underside ...

One modification I plan is to replace the above with an aluminium t-track. This will not suffer from “memory” caused by dents in the wooden track.

Using it is a simple matter ..

The work in progress ...

Regards from Perth


March 2013